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[Comment from Mr. U] I was able to make a lot of memories.

We have ordered glass slippers, which are the most popular choice for a proposal surprise.

★★Click here for your impressions★★

I previously purchased glass shoes and visited their workshop.

thank you for your help.

The wedding went smoothly the other day, and the glass slippers were also displayed on the day.

I also used it for the pre-photo shoot and was able to make many memories.

thank you very much.

If you go to Tokyo again, please stop by ^_^

Wedding of two close friends

In the wedding waiting room

Exhibition status

Thank you very much to Mr. U for coming to our workshop together.

I received some wonderful photos from a wedding the other day! !

A pure white chiffon lace wedding dress suits you! !

The space of just the two of them in the church, taken before the actual performance, looks like a scene from a movie.

Also, thank you very much for decorating Emma with glass shoes that she could really wear on the wedding day.

And above all, I'm happy that you were so happy.

thank you!

Click here for [Popular ranking by scene] of Emma, ​​the wearable glass slipper that turns your beloved into Cinderella.