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[How to measure size (other than Japan)]

*About 85% of Japanese people receive the optimal size, so if you order the size of the shoes you usually wear, you don't need to measure.

■If you can measure the size, please measure the size according to the following procedure and send an e-mail with the image attached.

■If you want to give a gift to your girlfriend in secret, please order in the shoe size she usually wears.
Even if you don't measure the size, if you have a picture of your feet, please send it to me as it will be helpful.


1, step on the tape measure
2, measure the width of the foot (take a picture = image A)
3, Measure the length of the foot (take a picture of the heel / take a picture of the toe = image B, image C)
4, Write the following contents in an email and send the image ABC

Image A.

Image A.

Image C.

[Contents to be filled in (required)]

・Orderer's name ・Ordered size ・Measure unit

*If you wear shoes other than the size you ordered, please let us know the shoe size as well.

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We'll be expecting you!