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[Comment from Mr. H] Thank you for the wonderful glass shoes (^^)

We ordered the glass slipper Emma as a wedding surprise.

A wonderful letter and photo arrived at the workshop! !

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Thank you for the wonderful glass shoes (^^)

After changing the size, the shoes fit perfectly even with bare feet without stockings.

Also, I was able to feel at ease when I asked for help because they responded politely.

During the ceremony, the groom gave us this product as a surprise.

It was a very exciting and moving scene.

I was very happy that my dream had come true.

You cherish!

Thank you.

To the many Cinderellas who continue to dream

Please deliver the glass slippers like Fairy Godmother! !

I'm rooting for you.

Thank you again for your engraving.

Emma the glass shoe as the two stare at each other

Your wife's pink rose dress suits you very well!

The beautiful smiles of the two looking at each other are impressive! ! !

I'm very happy that you liked it.

thank you!

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