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Decorative Heart (Both Shoes) and Special Case: Museum Blue Set


Decorative Heart (Both Shoes) and Special Case: Museum Blue Set
<Most popular for weddings>

The most popular Decorative Heart, when paired with both shoes, creates a spectacular and sparkling set.

The sparkling glass shoes with hearts studded with crystals are like a jewelry box,

so they are perfect for your grand moment, which will delight your Cinderella.

The two of you can enjoy many times when your loved one becomes Cinderella with sparkles.

In the event of a surprise, having a stand that allows you to put your weight on it can provide a full Cinderella experience.

We hope you will keep them by your side all the time to lock in the moment of excitement and enjoy wearing them to astonish your friends when they visit.

・Weight-bearing and unbreakable
・Perfect for a welcome space
・It will be beautifully displayed for a long time and will be exciting when you have guests
・Size that can be easily displayed in your home

・ Surprise and touching proposal
・ Special pre-wedding shoot (Cinderella shot)
・Presentation and entertainment at the ceremony
・Display at the venue
・10th wedding anniversary, gold and silver wedding, 20th birthday, etc. A dream gift that will make your precious woman a Cinderella at any time.

◆Free shipping

◆Delivery date and time
We will notify you of the approximate delivery date by e-mail.
It is not possible to specify an arrival date.

[Fastest]: Approximately 2 weeks until shipment
[Normal]: Approximately 2 to 3 weeks until shipment

※Please note, it may take more than 3 weeks for delivery as time is needed to prepare in order to fit shoes to both feet.

・For both left and right feet
・Emma Special Case Blue

The occasion where a glass shoe is put on is a woman's dream...

Please enjoy the moment of becoming Cinderella, the sensation of your foot smoothly slipping into the shoe.

◆Payment methods from overseas
Please use credit card payment, paypal, LINE Pay

【Description of item】
・Decorative Heart (Both Feet) (crystal grain + crystal heart)
・Size ranges: from US4.5 to US9 (EU33 to EU42)
・Heel height: approximately 3.7 in to 4.5 in

・Case Size: Approximately 12.2in width, 11.8in height, 9.8in depth.
Material: Wood, fabric, acrylic case.

White gloves,
Message card,
Microfiber cloth,
Gold foil stamping box,
With removable gold ribbon,
Complete set of documents for size change and engraving.

◆Size exchange [Free of charge]
◆Character engraving [Free of charge]
on the left side of the left foot
(outside: in positively sloped line)

■If you resize later, only the shipping cost will be charged.

*Since making wearable glass shoes is challenging, we create several of them and deliver the best one to you.

Decorative Heart (Both Shoes) and Special Case: Museum Blue Set


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