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Wearable Glass Shoes Emma Special Case

Colormuseum blue

[Emma Special Case] For Purchaser Only

This is a specially made case for Glass Shoes Emma. Amazing to wear and always impressive to display.

In the event of a surprise, having a stand that allows you to put your weight on it can provide a full Cinderella experience.

We hope you will keep them by your side all the time to lock in the moment of excitement and enjoy wearing them to astonish your friends when they visit.

・Weight-bearing and unbreakable
・Perfect for a welcome space
・Can be decorated beautifully for a long time, and is a great surprise for your guests.
・The size of the shoes fits easily into your home.
・Each time you see or wear them, you'll be reminded of your initial excitement.

◆Delivery date
・In the case of a set with shoes, it will follow the arrival date of the shoes.
・In the case of only a special case, ships in about 3-4 days.

◆Payment methods from overseas
Please use credit card payment, paypal, LINE Pay

[Product Description]
Choose from 2 colors:
Museum Blue or Museum Red.

Size: Approximately 12.2in width, 11.8in height, 9.8in depth.

Material: Wood, fabric, acrylic case.

Both shoes fit neatly inside.


Wearable Glass Shoes Emma Special Case


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