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[Comment from Mr. K] The reputation was very good!

Mr. K was even featured on TV for using glass shoes that he could wear during his marriage proposal!

We received information about your wedding!

★★Click here for your impressions★★

You can now upload photos of the glass slipper from a recent wedding.

I would like Nakamura-sama to take a look, so I will send it to you without permission! lol

The other day, we had a successful wedding, and we displayed the glass slippers there, which were very well received.

I'm sure I'll have to ask for your help again at some other milestone, so I'd appreciate your help at that time.

Shoes worn by the real Cinderella

I'm really happy that Emma wore the glass slipper so beautifully at her wedding!

Thank you for letting us know about the wonderful Cinderella and Prince!

Click here for [Popular ranking by scene] of Emma, ​​the wearable glass slipper that turns your beloved into Cinderella.