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Only you can turn her into Cinderella.

"Making the dreams of your one and only beloved come true"

~Glass shoes Emma that you can actually wear~

These are the best-selling wearable glass shoes in Japan.

Thoughts on the product


With the greatest emotion and surprise at this once-in-a-lifetime important scene.

I want you to spend time together.

And with the impression that you can never get from the glass slippers.

I want her to become a real Cinderella.

The glass slipper will continue to shine like Cinderella's fairy tale by your side for a long time, becoming a symbol of your own story that you can tell your children and grandchildren about.

We create each item with all our heart as a piece worthy of conveying, ``You are my Cinderella.''

sell to the world

Selling to the World

Many Cinderellas and princes have been born in Emma the Glass Slipper, not only in Japan but also overseas.

You can purchase with confidence as resizing and engraving are free .


This decoration was born out of a request from a woman: ``I want a design that doesn't show her toes.''
A luxurious design that emits a dazzling light when the light hits it.
The heel is also decorated.

Design/One Point

Women who have been reading Cinderella picture books and anime since childhood like heart motifs. She loves the movie Cinderella and will love the butterfly motif.


These are unadorned, simple, wearable glass shoes.

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