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Rose with Ring (For Proposals with a Ring)

red rose
ring sizeNo. 11

Rose with Ring (For Proposals with a Ring)

Add more glamour to the glass shoes!

This is a rose with a ring for those who propose with Emma's glass shoes.


A proposal might feel incomplete without a ring.

・ The ring can be easily removed

・ A ring makes the proposal gorgeous.

・ Can be fitted with a another ring

・ The rose can also serve as a ring pillow


◆Delivery date and time
Sold only as a set with glass shoes.
Delivered together with glass shoes.

◆Payment methods from overseas
Please use credit card payment, paypal, LINE Pay

[Product Description]
Choose from 2 colors for roses (red or white)
Please choose from 3 sizes of rings.





Rose with Ring (For Proposals with a Ring)


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