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[Comment from Mr. W] He was very happy and even cried with joy.

For your wedding surprise,
We received an order for Emma, ​​a pair of glass shoes that you can actually wear!

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Thank you very much for the other day.

I gave it to my wife as a surprise at our wedding reception, and she was so happy that she even cried with joy.

At that time, I deeply felt that it was a good idea to order this product this time.

Thank you very much for this really good product.

I have talked to my wife about it, and she and I are excited not only about wearing it, but also about putting it in a case and displaying it on the shelf in our front door.

I was truly impressed by the care that was put into each and every item, and above all by the courteous customer service.

I can see why Mr. Nakamura is chosen by many people.

Thank you very much for your kind response.

An emotional wedding

The light pink and yellow gradation chiffon dress suits you very well!

What a cute and wonderful princess Cinderella! ! !

It's every woman's dream! ! !

You can display it in a special case.
I feel very honored.

thank you! ! !

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